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Farm Fresh Produce (all produce is locally grown)

Acorn Squash: $2.00 each, 4 for $5.00

Apples: $2.00 box

Butternut Squash: $2.00 each, 4 for $5.00

Cucumbers: $1.00 each

Onions (candy): $1.00 each

Peppers: $2.00 box

Red Potatoes: $2.00 box

Sweet Potatoes: $3.00 box

Tomatoes (soil grown local): $1.00 each

Zucchini: $1.00 each



Hanging Baskets: $10.00 ($9.43+$0.57 PA Sales Tax)



Assorted Annuals: $6.00 ($5.66+$0.34 PA Sales Tax)

Mums (hardy): $6.00 ($5.66+$0.34 PA Sales Tax)

Succulents: $3.00 ($2.83+$0.17 PA Sales Tax)

BARGAIN (must buy 2): 2 pots for $5.00 ($4.72+$0.28 PA Sales Tax)



Mums (hardy): $6.00 ($5.66+$0.34 PA Sales Tax)



Sorry non available at this time


Vegetable & Herb Plants:

Sorry non available at this time



Seasonal Decoratives & Misc:

Corn Shocks: $4.00 bundle ($3.77+$0.23 PA Sales Tax)

Gourds: $1.00 each ($0.94+$0.06 PA Sales Tax)

BARGAIN (must buy 6): 6 for $5.00 ($1.72+$0.28 PA Sales Tax)

Pumpkins: Prices range from $2.00 to $8.00 PA sales tax included

Wide variety of colors and shapes

Face Pumpkins

Paintable pumpkins

Stackable pumpkins

Straw Bales: Medium: $4.00 each ($3.77+$0.23 PA Sales Tax)

Large: $6.00 each ($5.66+$0.34 PA Sales Tax)




     Watch this page. We are adding new items several times per week during the season. This list was last updated on 09/16/2022. If you would like to make price comparisons, print this page.


You woke Barney Bunny hiding in hanging baskets

Pricing Note - In order to make it easier for you to purchase from us we have included the Pennsylvania State 6% Sales tax in the price marked on all taxable items on the stand.


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